Our seminars are aimed primarily at teachers, educators and students of a kindergarten, primary school and secondary school and taught content of teaching and possibilities of the use of rhythm and music in the classroom or everyday.

Music in general, as well as rhythm, song and dance has a positive effect on the development of children. In addition, music promotes creativity and imagination of children and offers you the chance to express themselves. It breaks down linguistic and cultural barriers and fosters community. We show you our seminar on how to give the opportunity to develop their musical talents children so that they express with the music their own feelings and experiences and so find an approach to music. At the same time you learn how to use the use of rhythm and music can promote the following areas of children: Social skills, concentration, motor skills, language, personality, musicality, perception, community and creativity.

Through music and rhythm auditory perception is promoted and be trained with musical games, the coordination and the orientation assets. Music makes mental images appear and so excites the imagination of children.

Our Offer: 
Our professional artists and teachers schools throughout Germany as well as in Switzerland and Austria either in a seminar your colleagues or team make with their students of the class or device an unforgettable Trommeltag! Even without previous knowledge you will quickly and easily learn basics of playing here. Our seminars and workshops are drum regardless of the recording or ordering our products:

We generally offer three different seminar and workshop opportunities to:

  Workshops for educators and teachers

You are educators, teachers or teacher at an institution and would like to teach to your students / children how to play with rhythm? This seminar is aimed at educators, teachers, educators of your institution and conveys content of teaching and possibilities of using BAFF Music furniture in the classroom or kindergarten everyday. Even without prior knowledge, you will quickly and easily learn the basics of playing here.

Course details:
• Introduction to the theory and practice with the use of music in kindergarten and school
• Inspiring Drum Workshop
• origin and history of the instrument
• posture and striking techniques
• Practical examples
• Meeting and presentation of course content
• Rhythm and timing
• use in the classroom and everyday
• Educational background
• Exercise instructions for each training points with perception, language, movement, rhythm, expression, community, ...
• The seminar has a length of about two to three hours.

  Drum workshops for children

n our drum workshop for the children of your device, the children are introduced in a playful way with singing, languages, rhythm and movement to the world of music and the. In the form of a one-off events
You rent the comfort the colorful music furniture with us and make our workshop leaders an unforgettable Trommeltag with your children. An experience, standing in the fun, togetherness and joy in the foreground. The children get a sense of attention by the common drums and have on top of that a lot of fun. Enjoy the easy and simple implementation of the workshop.

Course details:
• Inspiring drum workshop for children with a professional musician
• origin and history of the instrument
• Reheat function, movement and K ennen lernspiele
• learn basic rhythms
• interactive stories for Mitt drums
• Children's Songs Night drums
• coordination, posture and striking techniques
• Fun & Games for children
• pitch and Tontiefen learn volume
• Rhythm & stroke units
• Group and Community Work

  Cajon-Kit Workshop:

The Cajon-Kit workshop is divided into the following areas and is also perfectly suited for "project days or project weeks in the school and kindergarten": 

• Construction - workshop:

It's easy! In the first module, supplied music stool kits of the children or teachers are assembled.

• Art - Painting:
Now it's Free Run for your imagination, emotion and creativity! The children can make their stool at will and painted with acrylics.

• Music - Drum workshop:
It follows the designed casings a common drum workshop full of movement and they will learn the fun of making music together. The drum workshop is aimed either to the children of the school or the teacher. Our workshop leaders are professional music teachers and professional musicians from the music scene. It's feel-good energy to take away.


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