KLACKS Drum-Stools - here Drumming is fun!
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With KLACKS! you can learn rhythm and drumming in the simplest way. Each KLACKS! - Instrument has printed two red and one blue hand on the front which markSthe two tones "Bass and Snare". For simplicity, we have also developed our own grading system, which consists out of playing with symbols. The display with icons and color allows the children to play in the simplest way and needs not musical skills.

The children learn playfully with fun. The KLACKS! - System needs no prior knowledge and enables the children learn quickly. In the handling there are no complicated rules. So it is amazingly easy to play.

Drumming? That´s easy with KLACKS!

The KLACKS! Drum stool let children's hearts beat faster because a stool to play beats on is really special. Our cool KLACKS! Drum stool with the seat height 30cm look stylish, are inexpensive and produced in a sustainable way and even sound perfectly. It is the ideal instrument for musical education for the kids and is great fun to play. The sophisticated design with printed hands is perfect for children from 3 years. With them it is easy to learn the different sounds (bass and snare) for the children. Available are the KLACKS! Kids Drum Stool in white and black.

KLACKS! Trommelhocker - Small Box - Big Sound!

      Art.No. 854 855  
  Height 30 cm 30 cm  
  Width 26 cm 26 cm  
  Depth 26 cm 26 cm  
  Weight 3,4 kg 3,4 kg  
  Age 3-8 years 3-8 years  
  Color white black  

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