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To make drumming more easy to teach for teachers and educators we have developed a grading system with symbols which allows each child to play easily with the instrument. Here you will find examples, music games on various subjects (movement, language skills or numeracy) rhythm exercises, interactive songs and interactive stories.

An educational CD with rhythm exercises to play along and join in songs and children's songs and the helpful note symbols for designing complete the textbook.

KLACKS! Teaching Book - Drumming is easy with KLACKS!

The Teaching-Book will be shipped with the following contents:
Practice textbook consisting of 60 pages of theory, game ideas, rhythm exercises, etc.
1 interactive learning CD with rhythms, songs and interactive stories
100 note symbols as visual and practical learning aid
With rhythm exercises, musical games for language development, movement, listening, numeracy and music games for special rituals. Simple note symbol with symbol cards..

  Teaching Book with 60 pages  
  1 CD with rhythms and songs  
  Practical use  
  100 Symbols  
  Excercises with language, math, ...  
  Perfect for Kindergarden & school  

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