bodybox. The special Cajon.
      Most important infos  

You can play the bodybox by sitting or by standing. That´s also why the bodybox is so flexible. The bodybox was developed primarily for handicapped people and older person. But also physically challanged persons to whom it would be impossible for physical reasons or coordination to play on one of our "normal" drum stools, will find a convenient and praise-worthy alternative. The box is placed on the thigh and with a simple clip system like a belt strapped to you to avoid slipping or falling off. Decisive advantage of this product is that you do not need to play bend forward, but sitting comfortably drumming on the clubface. Especially for handicapped children the bodybox is a perfect instrument to learn easily rhythm.

To each bodybox you get a Drumming-Book and the hand-stickers which marks the different sound.

      Height 10cm    
  Width 26cm    
  Depth 26cm    
  Weight 2,2 kg    
  Age every age    
  Additional Inclusive Drum-Book  
  Color white  

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