Big Beats im Teeniezimmer. Die beatbox (= Cajon) für Jugendliche
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The beatbox is specifically designed for adolescents. Especially in this age many young people defining about music. What to give more appropriate than a cool furniture, which is still a Muskinstrument simultaneously? Cheerful, cheeky and cool look, the models that stand out immediately and are quickly as additional space for visitors at hand.

Sonically is the beatbox in fashion and has a very differentiated snare and bass sound that is unique.

The beatbox has a seat height of 42cm and is therefore suitable for teenagers and adults. We offer the beatbox in three different models:

- beatbox "Unicolor" in white, black or natural color
- beatbox "Robeat" with a good looking print
- beatbox "Unheilig" with the Logoof the music-Band Unheilig

Delivered the Beatbox including an instructional DVD that explains the drums.

      Seat Height 42cm    
  Width 28cm    
  Depth 28cm    
  Weight 3,6 kg    
  Age from 10 years    
  Additional Inclusive Lern-DVD  
  Color black, white and natural color  

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