beatbox "Robeat". The cool sound stool!
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FANTASTIC! A decorative stool with stylish motif - but here lies also music in it! The wood surfaces define the hollow body and can be nimble hands and fingers drumming hot rhythms! One side is coated in a lighter wood and with vibrating elements, so come to the striking stroke even the sound of a Cajon added. Simply sit on the stool and start a hot session!

Soundwise is the beatbox in fashion and has a very differentiated snare and bass sound that is unique.

The beatbox has a seat height of 42cm and is therefore suitable for teenagers and adults. We offer the beatbox in three different models:

- beatbox "Unicolor" in white, black or natural color
- beatbox "Robeat" with a good looking print
- beatbox "Unheilig" with the Logoof the music-Band Unheilig

Delivered the Beatbox including an instructional DVD that explains the drums..

      Seat Height 42cm    
  Width 28cm    
  Depth 28cm    
  Weight 3,6 kg    
  Age from 10 years    
  Additional Inclusive Lern-DVD  
  Color black, white  

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