beatbook Teaching-Book for teachers and educators       On one view  

beatbook - the first interactive Teaching Book for baff music-furniture!

The interactive Teaching-Book is designed for the practual use in kindergarden, school and music-group and as well for the individual use. It teaches on a fun way the basic of the instruments music-furniture and drum. 

The Teaching-Book contains many ideas for games, over 70 rhythm excercises to cut out and play-alongs. You learn as well about the theory and practice of the instrument and there is plenty of teaching material integrated. The included interactive CD´s contains rhythm-excercises, children-songs to play along and interactive Stories you play with. The Book gives a succesful start in the world of rhythm with big fun.

The Teaching Book is available in different languages.

  Teaching Book with 96 pages  
  1 CD 100 rhythms  
  1 CD with songs and stories  

80 symbols

  Hand Stickers  
  Perfect for Kindergarden & school  

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