Offbeat, The game that challanges you to stay on beat!
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Make your Livingroom to your own stage and keep the beat with your friends.
This rhythm and sequence game gets you and your friends snapping, clapping and drumming together!

Fall off-beat or do the wrong action? You're out of the round!
Last player on-beat? Collect your choice of disc from the spinner, then replace it with one from the upside-down pile. 

Each round starts with a spin to show you which order to go! Start the round by counting, "One, Two, Three, Four!" to establish the rhythm, then together, everyone completes the first action, and so on, around the disc in clockwise fashion. Collect six discs first to win!

Your mind needs to keep up with your hands, while staying in the right sequence of sounds! Great for home or classroom. Multiple games.

With OffBeat we managed to combine a board game with a musical instrument (= Cajon). The rhythmic game made of cardboard has a cajon with snare carpet installed with a really great sound.

      Art.No. 969    
  Height 10 cm    
  Width 32cm    
  Depth 32cm    
  Weight 1 kg    
  Age 5-99 years    
  Price 24,99 €  

baff GmbH | Blockfeldstrasse 18, 67112 Mutterstadt