Tight Drumming with the Loungestool . The musical stool (= Cajon)
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For adults we have developed the classy Loungestool in black , white and nature (beech). The four feet and the hidden sound-hole facing towards the ground are part of the chic looks. The loungestools fit into the interior of every apartment and can be used as seat or storage place for books, magazines or plants. A big plus is that the loungestools are very compact and can be moved easily. This flexability creates a laid-back atmosphere. The stool is a great for spontaneous gettogethers with neighbours and also for Partys in the basement. Every stool comes with a free DVD manual. It gives insights in the basics of drumming. A friendly professional musician explains the basic terms such as bass, snare and slap. He teaches simple and complex beats.

We offer the Loungestool including an instructional DVD that explains how to play the drums.

      Height 49cm    
  Width 32cm    
  Depth 32cm    
  Weight 4,9 kg    
  Age Adults    
  Plus Inclusive Learn-DVD  
  Color black, white and nature  

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