FUNTABLE 2 in 1: Drumming Game and cooperative Boardgame in one piece
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With the Funtable we have combined two exciting employment-options in one game device. On the one hand the Funtable is a drum game with 13 fun rhythm and language games that promotes rhythm and tact of the children and makes a lot of fun. And on the other hand in no time can the Funtable turn from a rhythm game in a board game in which the children will go on an exciting journey and be able to play by numbers and by color.


Description of both Games

In YaMiBaYe is all about friendship.

Charging the other players in your country and visit their countries. Here you make your way through dense jungle, swim through deep waters, durchquerst fiery volcanic landscapes and even fly through the air. The special thing about YaMiBaYe the Friendship actions.

The more friends you close, the faster you can move together through the World YaMiBaYe towards goal! The point is not to play against each other, but you will be rewarded for his friends, because only together to get the fastest progress. For this purpose, you build friendship storms and RESET together with your friends forward.

YaMiBaYe offers players an exciting community game in which the color and numerical reasoning, and the cooperation is encouraged.

Assuming the friendly match YaMiBaYe from the multifunction table, the drumming is less. This tactful music game offers 13 different games full of witty action and proves unerring sense of rhythm.

The game board is divided into four colored fields, so that up to four players can simultaneously drumming. In each field, one blue and two red hands are printed, featuring the two drum types, bass and snare. The conductor of the harp playing is a hub that guides different rhythm episodes on alternately fashion. For infectious rhythms and actions you drummed the right clock on the drum board. The winner is the one who makes the beat most accurate.


The FUNTABLE is produced with a high quality and made out of high quality birch wood. Excellent production and beautiful design reflects the uniqueness of this product. The FUNTABLE promotes the skills of the children and is a lot of fun for the kids! With many ways to play it is suitable for all ages and encourages many areas such as:

- Promoting community relationship and individuality
- Dealing with friendship
- Promoting integration and inclusion
- Rhythm and responsiveness
- Awareness of senses: Auditory and Visual Perception, eye-hand coordination
- Emotional perception, body awareness
- Intermodal Connection: Volume term, initial figures, arithmetic
- Language support

      Art.No. 962 & 964 963  
  Height 58 cm 58 cm  
  Width 42 cm 40 cm  
  Depth 42 cm 40 cm  
  Weight 9,5 kg 8 kg  
  Age 3-99 years 3-99 years  
  Color Wood Wood  

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