Music stool construction-kit (= Cajon-Kit) in different sizes
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With the music stool as a construction kit of baff music-furniture kids, teenanger or adults build their own music-stool in just a few minutes. The simple construction and design with a unique connector system as well as an absolutely high-quality sound characterizes the kit of baff. The construction kit consists of high quality wood materials and sound according to the magazine "Drum Heads" first class! There will be no tension belts and is very easy to build. It is inserted, glued, screwed and sanded.

Imagination, creativity, independence, concentration and enjoyment of music are hereby encouraged. The music stool kits come included drum magazine, instruction manual and instructional CD to download!

The music stool kit is available in different seat heights. Starting for the youngest children in seating height 30cm, then 38cm seating height for our teenagers and for the adults we have the Height with 42cm and 49cm. So for each age the matching kit is available. In addition, the music stool kits are distinguished with the quality label "MADE IN GERMANY" and are of high quality, environmentally friendly, eco friendly and handmade.

In relation to the kits, we also offer workshops and team events in which you can make your music stool assemble together. More information can be found here

      Cajon-Kit for Kids  
        Height 30cm 38cm  
  Seat 30cm 38cm  
  Width 26cm 26cm  
  Depth 26cm 26cm  
  Weight 3,0 kg 3,5 kg  
  Age 3-6 years 5-9 years  
  Inclusive Drumming Book and CD as a donwload  
  Cajon-Kit for Adults  
  Height 42cm 49cm  
  Seat 42cm 49cm  
  Width 28cm 32cm  
  Depth 28cm 32cm  
  Weight 4,0 kg 5,6 kg  
  Age 9-18 years Adults  
  Inclusive Learn-DVD  

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