Biff Baff, the Drumming-Game
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Biff Baff is the crazy Drumming-Game which will which will unleash your inner musician. With 13 fun and yet challenging gaming options each player can test his or her sense of rhythm. Just let loose and beat the drums along with up to three other players while discovering your own musical potential. You don’t even require a conductor; the integrated rotary disk will lead you through the different rhythm patterns which you can choose for yourself. Different symbols for the disk ensure diversified rhythms and suspense for your games. The winner of Biff Baff will be the one who can keep the beat going the longest and is thus crowned the new drumming king. The whole game is made of wood which ensures stability and persistency. Playing the game will improve your sense of rhythm and helps building social skills for children starting at the age of three.

Game Explanation.
The gaming board is divided into four colored sections which gives up to four players the opportunity to drum at the same time. Every section is imprinted with one blue and two red hand symbols which mark the two sounds (bass, snare). Additionally there is a white arrow which points towards the middle to the rotary disk. This disk fulfills the position of the conductor during the game. Up to six magnets can be placed on the disk which symbolize different activities like playing the bass drum or snapping one’s fingers. To start the game one spins the disk once it stops the arrow   points to the action which has to be performed.

Biff Baff: Assisting development without anxiety but lots of fun! The game offers over ten types playing options depending on the age of the child which improve the following aspects:

- The importance of community and the role of the individual
- A sense of rhythm and reaction time
- Sharpening the senses: Auditory and visual perception
- eye-hand coordination, emotional sensibility, body-awareness
- Elementary mathematics: calculus, cardinal numbers, comprehension of quantity
- Speech development

      Art.No. 961    
  Height 8,5 cm    
  Width 32cm    
  Depth 32cm    
  Weight 2,1 kg    
  Age 3-99 years    
  Color white  

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