Fun with the CRAFT & SHAKE       Packing Units  

The Shaker CRAFT & SHAKE offers 3 times fun for the children: first the craft sheet of cardboard is painted, then built and finally you have your own Music Shaker, with which you can make music! The building is very easy and a great rattle sound is also guaranteed for the little ones. How to use the rattle then shows also a separate staff with simple symbols. It´s a great fun for kindergarden and birthday parties.

We offer the CRAFT & SHAKE in two different Packing-Units.

Content: 1x Construction Paper, 1 bag with wheat grains, glue dots and instructions. 
Format: DIN A5
Content: 6x Construction Paper, 1 bag with wheat grains for 6 Shaker, glue dots and instructions 
Format: DIN A5

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